Where’s the Building?

October 17, 2021

So, where is the building, I keep wondering? I thought, maybe they had a setback financially or something related to permits that has slowed their plans. Oh well, I’m sure sooner or later, it will be built.

This morning as I rounded the corner and took a quick peek above the metal fencing, surrounding the perimeter of the lot, I was shocked! How come I didn’t see those concrete frames before? And, look, the pillars are all over the lot. Well, what do you know, I thought. They have been building!! I just couldn’t see the construction workers. Out of view, they were building the FOUNDATION!!

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The beginning of the end

October 13, 2021

The Fall Season is here! And it didn’t just happen. A cool wind inserted itself during an otherwise hot day about five weeks ago. And, I had thought, okay I’m forewarned, the cold is a-coming! Next thoughts were followed with actions related to the warm/hot weather we experienced for the weeks since; all things Summer continued to be enjoyed. But, alas, last evening when I took my dog Bustey out to potty, I was grateful to be wearing a thick fleece outfit!

If I could change one thing about Fall and Winter, it would be to experience cool/cold and still have brightness; it’s that lack of light that makes it difficult. Of course, there’s also the bleakness, the greyish outdoors, along with the cloudiness, darkness, windiness, and cold that makes these seasons more difficult to handle.

Most people develop some form of strategy to deal with cold weather. Certainly, being prepared with the appropriate clothing is a necessity. Beyond that, I guess it’s a matter of preference. Perhaps, for some, it’s food, i.e. the stews and pies and hot drinks, etc.

Well, I went shopping today for hats! I had already refreshed the basic necessities last year. This year, it’s the fun stuff, which means, forget about the neutrals, because it’s time for color, the colors that will obliterate all the lackluster of the cold weather. So, hats with pom poms, beanies, baseball hats, with visors, newsboy, bucket, and my new favorite-cloche; and the colors are – emerald green, strawberry red, burgundy berry, rust brown, lipstick red. Nothing like some pop of color, I say!!

In the middle of January, when another bleakness intrudes, the one occurring after all the festive colored decorations are taken down, I will be putting on my colors that have the ability to cheer me and others. And I do have precedence. One year, I had one bright baby blue sweater that immediately helped me feel alive and cheerful! Another time, I wore a yellow sweater which did the same for me. Today, I wore the antiqued, two-toned, berry color, brushed cotton, baseball cap and I received compliments. So, I think I’m on to something here, LOL!!

Why my title, ‘The beginning of the end?’ I believe the Fall Season is a time of reflection for most, despite all the celebrations in between. So, as the year will soon come to an end, for me, this season heralds that beginning. Thus far, the year has been cluttered with many personal challenges. However, I choose to celebrate, with external color that reflects my internal joy and happiness that I’ve lived through it all.

More to come…

Our trip to New Jersey!

October 10, 2021

On the phone, I cheekily said to my sister, “We’re going to New Jersey. Why do you think?” We had already travelled for several hours, and Mom was comfortably asleep in the back seat of the 2022 Dodge Ram truck we had rented. My sister answered, “New Jersey, why are you going there?” Waiting for the answer I knew she knew, and then I heard it, “Mom’s friend Elena!!!” I replied, “YESSSS!!!”

Mom worked with her friend Elena, while employed by the Park Lane Hotel in New York City, decades ago, for decades. Mom, now living several states away, was thrilled one day when she was at a doctor’s appointment in Brooklyn, New York, and ran into Elena in the waiting room. They embraced and chatted like the good friends they were that had retired and lost touch with that part of their lives. That emotional reunion occurred about ten years ago.

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October 6, 2021

I am into watching documentaries these days…on important people and events that have occurred both in the distant and recent past.

Some recent ones are: Jamal Khashoggi’s death, the American Civil War, the Underground Railroad, Jeff Bezos.

Today, while listening and watching some of Bob Marley’s musical videos, in the same vein of a documentary I guess, but occurring in my mind, I began to wonder about his everyday life surrounding his ‘consciousness music.’ This reggae icon, this influencer, this pioneer, this singer/songwriter who continues to cause the young and old to hum and sing and sway to his rhythms.

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Blind Spots

October 3, 2021

Recently, I got ready to make a purchase of $85. for a white linen sundress that had these tiny aquamarine designs on the skirt. Such a happy looking dress, I thought, as I imagined all the occasions I would wear it. It was also handmade, which I always appreciated. I tried it on right then and there, in the middle of the open air market! I asked my friend, what he thought, as he is a linen aficionado. He thought it looked nice!

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Who do you imitate?

September 29, 2021

I imitate others more than I’d like to think, not as in mimicking but more as in reproducing what I see. I suspect that is true for many of us, whether a positive or negative reproduction in our lives.

For example, last week I was at a weekend outdoor market. I saw a woman wearing a pair of block heel mid-calf two-inch boots with shorts and a cute top and I was smitten, and immediately wanted to replicate that in my wardrobe. I thought, what a nice style as we welcome Fall weather here in Virginia.

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September 26, 2021

Several years ago, I dealt with some challenges in my marriage, unfortunately, as many people do everyday when they take chances with relationships. During that time, I believed that Almighty God was directing my life and that anything was possible, including restoration. I believed in my spouse and the potential I saw for great things to occur. I believed in forgiveness and perseverance as I waited.

During this period, I received a call from close relatives informing me that my father’s mother had died (in our home country.) I still recall vividly the instant turmoil I experienced. My first thought was to take the eight hour flight immediately! After all, this was the grandmother that raised my sister, brother, and I, when with our father, we spent precious time with her during our early years; our mother was in the U.S.A., securing visas for us to join her.

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Is it Selfishness?

September 29, 2021

Wasn’t gonna talk about COVID-19, but since I am a Registered Nurse, taking care of people coming to our local hospital, let me share what I know and then move on with my Blog on mentoring and other important topics.

Let’s say you get into an accident while on a bus or a train or driving a vehicle and you end up in a hospital. Or you are on vacation with your family and develop severe belly aches and it turns out one of your little organs in your belly is the cause and you go to the hospital after trying your favorite drugstore pain killer but got no relief. Or you are in your pool or on the beach or walking several miles in the sun to your destination and develop sunstroke, requiring hospitalization!

No big deal, your family or friends go into the hospital with you and talk with the nurses and doctors as your advocate in order to help you out since you are in a great deal of discomfort. Then, they go up to your room with you as you settle in for the few days you will be spending at the hospital.

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September 19, 2021

Last week I was on the top floor of my home doing some chores and realized that my cell phone was not with me. It was on the dining table on the second floor. I briefly considered that and realized I was going to be okay. Can you imagine! This was actually a thought and self-talk occurring about my cellphone. I decided that I would not walk down a flight of stairs to reunite with my cellphone. In fact, I would be okay if I was going to be apart from it for a little while.

And guess what! No emergencies happened where I needed to have my phone nearby. I did not miss out on any catastrophic events. In fact, I found it rather freeing, that RELEASE from everything my cellphone represented in my life, even though it was mostly good things.

It felt good to be able to function without that piece of electronic for a couple of hours. I opened a few windows and listened to the sounds outside as I cleaned. It felt good to be in the moment of life.

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How about that Bentley


I am not into cars, per se, or consider myself obsessed with or constantly in pursuit of material things. I’m content with the basics and do not need to have the latest model of anything. You will not find lots of shoes or clothes in my closet, but when I shop, I consider myself to have good taste and possessing good fashion sense.

That being said, recently, as I cruised home after completing a few errands, there was a dark colored SUV in front of me. Under the wing-like emblem, it said Bentley. That got my attention, as I noticed its simple unimpressive lines. I thought, well it looks like a lot of other vehicles without that name claim.

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