I have a new playmate, a Sister

November 27, 2022

Hi, I know! It’s been a whole year!! This is Bustey, and you’re on my page in momma’s blog, lifewithoutmentors. A lot has changed and happened in my life.

Momma, my sweet momma whom I wuvvv!! Yes, well she kissed me in April and said for me to be a good dog, and to remember that she will be back, and that it will be for a few weeks longer this time, but to remember that she will never leave me and will always return for me. Well, I knew something was about to happen, like big, but wasn’t sure exactly, just knew that I could trust my momma because she has never let me down.

So the month of May came and went, then June, that was weeks of her being gone!!! At this point, I’m beyond myself wondering what is happening. I would get a video call occasionally and hear Momma’s voice and she sounded sad but hopeful and happy. I would get confused so I would run and get my chewy and show it to her, and my godmother, Katerina, she would hug me and then I feel like everything is okay. And momma says she cannot wait to see me and how much she misses me.

Well July arrives, then August and Momma sounds different on the phone, and says she has a big surprise for me!!! And to put a cap on the suspense, a few weeks later in September, she brings into my life a SISTER!!! Is that why she was gone so long, I wondered. She went to look for a sister for me. Did I tell momma that I needed a sister?? Then I find out that it was Grams idea. Grandma thought I became sad whenever I returned home after playing with my 18 animal friends at my Godmother’s home. And she thought I was sulking, because I would get quiet and sit for hours at the window looking out for someone to play with. Okay, since it was Grandma’s idea, I think she knows best. So, without further ado, here’s my little sister ANNIE!

Annie is a bright brown color and her Vet says she is a Golden Retriever Mix. Mommie has named her Annie Kajal Brownie.

Isn’t she pwetty!!! Momma sure loves her. My sister was found at the Trinidad & Tobago SPCA in Port of Spain, during Mom’s and Grams’ visit to play with the rescue animals (like me) waiting for their forever homes.

Now you have met my sister Annie. Actually, these photos of my sis and I are taken at the doggie boot camp we are attending presently. Our Papa saw how difficult it was for our Momma to walk us and care for us so he immediately signed us up for behavior modification classes, (my Momma’s words!). Look at our faces, don’t we look like we’re at boot camp! Three weeks!!!

We have been learning a lot though. A lot!!! Cannot wait to return home this week. To rest! For a long time! And also show Momma how much we have learned. That’s all for now, signing out Bustey & Lil Sis Annie.

more to come…


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I have been a health care professional for decades and worked in hospitals all over the United States. Originally from the Caribbean. I have noticed over the years that I really enjoy creating beautiful experiences for others through oral and written feedback as well as creating events to celebrate milestones in life, as an Event Planner.

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