September 26, 2021

Several years ago, I dealt with some challenges in my marriage, unfortunately, as many people do everyday when they take chances with relationships. During that time, I believed that Almighty God was directing my life and that anything was possible, including restoration. I believed in my spouse and the potential I saw for great things to occur. I believed in forgiveness and perseverance as I waited.

During this period, I received a call from close relatives informing me that my father’s mother had died (in our home country.) I still recall vividly the instant turmoil I experienced. My first thought was to take the eight hour flight immediately! After all, this was the grandmother that raised my sister, brother, and I, when with our father, we spent precious time with her during our early years; our mother was in the U.S.A., securing visas for us to join her.

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Is it Selfishness?

September 29, 2021

Wasn’t gonna talk about COVID-19, but since I am a Registered Nurse, taking care of people coming to our local hospital, let me share what I know and then move on with my Blog on mentoring and other important topics.

Let’s say you get into an accident while on a bus or a train or driving a vehicle and you end up in a hospital. Or you are on vacation with your family and develop severe belly aches and it turns out one of your little organs in your belly is the cause and you go to the hospital after trying your favorite drugstore pain killer but got no relief. Or you are in your pool or on the beach or walking several miles in the sun to your destination and develop sunstroke, requiring hospitalization!

No big deal, your family or friends go into the hospital with you and talk with the nurses and doctors as your advocate in order to help you out since you are in a great deal of discomfort. Then, they go up to your room with you as you settle in for the few days you will be spending at the hospital.

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September 19, 2021

Last week I was on the top floor of my home doing some chores and realized that my cell phone was not with me. It was on the dining table on the second floor. I briefly considered that and realized I was going to be okay. Can you imagine! This was actually a thought and self-talk occurring about my cellphone. I decided that I would not walk down a flight of stairs to reunite with my cellphone. In fact, I would be okay if I was going to be apart from it for a little while.

And guess what! No emergencies happened where I needed to have my phone nearby. I did not miss out on any catastrophic events. In fact, I found it rather freeing, that RELEASE from everything my cellphone represented in my life, even though it was mostly good things.

It felt good to be able to function without that piece of electronic for a couple of hours. I opened a few windows and listened to the sounds outside as I cleaned. It felt good to be in the moment of life.

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How about that Bentley


I am not into cars, per se, or consider myself obsessed with or constantly in pursuit of material things. I’m content with the basics and do not need to have the latest model of anything. You will not find lots of shoes or clothes in my closet, but when I shop, I consider myself to have good taste and possessing good fashion sense.

That being said, recently, as I cruised home after completing a few errands, there was a dark colored SUV in front of me. Under the wing-like emblem, it said Bentley. That got my attention, as I noticed its simple unimpressive lines. I thought, well it looks like a lot of other vehicles without that name claim.

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Be Ready!

September 12, 2021

Mom and I walked past the large group gathered, probably a few hundred, in the outdoor concert venue. Their wine glasses in their hands were filled with their favorite Merlot or perhaps they were trying a new Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon for the first time. They were all chatting, smiling, laughing, many seated on the soft grass, others standing at the few high tables scattered about, having a good time.

The band was playing soft music in the background, band members wearing sharp black suits. This was a familiar sight repeated every year at this time at our oceanfront, enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

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A Whisper

September 8, 2021

Our day begins early every morning when Bustey vocalizes this cute sound informing me that it is time for me to rise and shine because he has potty needs.

Upon exiting our front door, we walk into the quiet and peaceful morning throughout our neighborhood. I love to enjoy the brief moment because under a minute, the beautiful tranquility is interrupted when my Bustey barks into the fresh morning air at nothing in particular! Maybe to let his friends, who might be getting their last moments of sleep, know that he is up and ready to begin the day. That is, after he drops a pint or so of liquid waste and perhaps a few ounces of dry waste, he will be ready, LOL! Ahh, my sweet little Bustey (currently around 43 pounds.)

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My 2021 Summer Story

September 5, 2021

On July 10th, the title of my post was Every Summer has a Story. As this Summer draws to an end, I would like to invite you to consider the Summer Story you have lived. A review over chunks of time like Summer helps me to applaud all the amazing things happening around me. Everyone’s story is unique to their lives and no less spectacular than another’s. Sometimes our stories can even be best told through the photographs we snap. So, here goes my Summer Story this year…

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Etiquette, ohh bah humbug!…


Etiquette: the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life

Etiquette. 2018. In Retrieved September 3, 2021, from

I’m not talking about extending the pinky finger when sipping on your drink, although mine automatically sticks out, though I’ve never been taught to do so.

What causes my brows to raise or ‘skwoosh,’ are the times I’m going through ordinary life activities and come face to face with situations that feel awkward and inappropriate. Then, I think to myself, why do people not know better, that I didn’t attend a special class to know some of the basic interactions. In fact, some of these things seem to be common sense and behaviors that promote much smoother transactions.

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Caterpillar to a Butterfly

August 29, 2021

Life Cycle of a Butterfly by Easy Engineering, YouTube, September 19, 2020

As we walked along a nearby street in our neighborhood, the familiar face of a homeowner, Tara, whose assortment of flowering plants I have long admired, stopped me with a sort of urgent question, “Do you like butterflies?!!” I replied, “Yes!! Of course I do!!” She replied, “Come here and see them come out!”

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If you earned it, OWN it


Around 9:30am, we had already finished our walk in the park, our face, neck and every body part it seemed dripping bullets of perspiration while the four of us hurriedly tried to get into our air-conditioned car.

A co-worker of mine walked past, on her way to begin her own exercise. As we greeted each other, I proudly stated that, “My sister is a marathon runner, she’s training for a marathon!” My sister quickly added “Oh, it was only a 5K I ran before,” a little embarrassed that I had called her a marathon runner.

Afterwards I told my sister, “You’re a marathon runner okay; you ran a marathon before, right, and you’re about to run another, right, well, that makes you a marathon runner. You earned the right to that title, so claim it, label it, and OWN IT!”

(my sister, during her training)

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