The beginning of the end

October 13, 2021

The Fall Season is here! And it didn’t just happen. A cool wind inserted itself during an otherwise hot day about five weeks ago. And, I had thought, okay I’m forewarned, the cold is a-coming! Next thoughts were followed with actions related to the warm/hot weather we experienced for the weeks since; all things Summer continued to be enjoyed. But, alas, last evening when I took my dog Bustey out to potty, I was grateful to be wearing a thick fleece outfit!

If I could change one thing about Fall and Winter, it would be to experience cool/cold and still have brightness; it’s that lack of light that makes it difficult. Of course, there’s also the bleakness, the greyish outdoors, along with the cloudiness, darkness, windiness, and cold that makes these seasons more difficult to handle.

Most people develop some form of strategy to deal with cold weather. Certainly, being prepared with the appropriate clothing is a necessity. Beyond that, I guess it’s a matter of preference. Perhaps, for some, it’s food, i.e. the stews and pies and hot drinks, etc.

Well, I went shopping today for hats! I had already refreshed the basic necessities last year. This year, it’s the fun stuff, which means, forget about the neutrals, because it’s time for color, the colors that will obliterate all the lackluster of the cold weather. So, hats with pom poms, beanies, baseball hats, with visors, newsboy, bucket, and my new favorite-cloche; and the colors are – emerald green, strawberry red, burgundy berry, rust brown, lipstick red. Nothing like some pop of color, I say!!

In the middle of January, when another bleakness intrudes, the one occurring after all the festive colored decorations are taken down, I will be putting on my colors that have the ability to cheer me and others. And I do have precedence. One year, I had one bright baby blue sweater that immediately helped me feel alive and cheerful! Another time, I wore a yellow sweater which did the same for me. Today, I wore the antiqued, two-toned, berry color, brushed cotton, baseball cap and I received compliments. So, I think I’m on to something here, LOL!!

Why my title, ‘The beginning of the end?’ I believe the Fall Season is a time of reflection for most, despite all the celebrations in between. So, as the year will soon come to an end, for me, this season heralds that beginning. Thus far, the year has been cluttered with many personal challenges. However, I choose to celebrate, with external color that reflects my internal joy and happiness that I’ve lived through it all.

More to come…

Published by yasmin@lifewithoutmentors

I have been a health care professional for decades and worked in hospitals all over the United States. Originally from the Caribbean. I have noticed over the years that I really enjoy creating beautiful experiences for others through oral and written feedback as well as creating events to celebrate milestones in life, as an Event Planner.

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