While walking The Bustey through our neighborhood, Mom saw one of our neighborhood dogs, a handsome Golden Retriever named Ollie. Out of excitement, she exclaimed, “Oh God, LOOK a Cow!!” I quickly shushed her so that no one’s feelings will be hurt by her occasional jumbled speech.


Mom likes to help me drive while in the passenger’s seat, no encouragement from me. We were coming out of our neighborhood, into two-way traffic. Mom starts of with, “ok, yuh good on this side (her right), wait ah car coming on your side, okay you could go now.” I replied quickly, “Ma no, a car is coming on your side now,” as she quietly mutters, “OH!” a little ashamed because she realizes she had forgotten to look again on her side. I ended jokingly with my usual promise, “we’re so getting you your license, oh wait the last time you practiced driving, you knocked away the front post,” (to our all wood house in Trinidad, back when we were kids.)


Taking Mom to my sister’s house, she’s seated in the front passenger’s seat, The Bustey asleep on the back seat after a long walk in the park. I said to her, “Mom tell Bustey you love him.” She responded, “I love you Bustey.” He sat up quickly to see what was going on. I then said to her, “Mom, I love you.” Her quick response was, “Benji!!” She never was one to tell us she loves us, she’d rather reply that she loves one of the family’s dogs instead. So I returned, “Layla!!” She said smiling and grinning, “TT and Bustey.” And at the end, I think none of us feels hurt, because we also love all our dogs immensely!!!


The Bustey has been spending a few days at his friend Cesar’s new home, exploring the large outdoor space and the POOL!! So, Mom, going downstairs, muttered softly, “no one’s following me!” Then throughout the day, she’ll say to me, “where’s Bustey?” or “his friend was looking for him, he came by with his Dad and stopped by the driveway looking up for him.” This morning, while getting her nails done, the salon’s little chihuaha climbed onto her lap and nestled into her, occasionally trying to give her kisses on her mask!!


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