Planning for Success

8/4/2021 “It’s ah good ting Bustey went outside before it rained,” commented my Mom this morning, as the rained began pouring down while we prepared our breakfast. “Actually Mom, I saw that it will rain most of the day, so I took him out before it started, I planned it Ma.” A few minutes later,Continue reading “Planning for Success”

GETTING OLD? Here’s advice from someone young, ME!

7/28/2021 When you get old, never teach anyone anything, unless requested, even if you are sure you are right. Do not try to help unless asked for. Just be ready & available for it if possible. Do not give unsolicited opinion all the time. Don’t impose yourself on anyone on any subject. This partial listContinue reading “GETTING OLD? Here’s advice from someone young, ME!”

After Assimilation

7/25/2021 Yesterday, as The Bustey and I took our usual walk through our neighborhood, in the sweltering heat of a mid-afternoon Summer, I observed one of my neighbors hopping across the street barefooted. She was being led by her miniature Yorkie who seemed intent on getting to his friend’s house to play. As I watchedContinue reading “After Assimilation”

How do you walk like a lady

7/14/2021 Over the years people have occasionally complemented me on my posture, saying that I walk upright, daintily, and like a lady. Hmmmm!! That sounds like a good thing. Then, I see some women walk with extra twisting of their hips and I personally do not think that is very becoming. So, I have tendedContinue reading “How do you walk like a lady”

“sweat America, sweat…”

I sat in my car, eating the 2nd half of my banana, reflecting on my morning’s walk on the boardwalk. For two days in a row, I’ve joined the ‘unofficial’ group that enjoys working out by running, walking, skateboarding, surfing, bike riding, or taking their dogs for an early morning walk, before the throngs ofContinue reading ““sweat America, sweat…””

Comfort Corners not just for Kids

7/11/2021 Ever since I could remember, I have wanted a corner of my own, to sit and meditate on my Creator, and I finally have one! It also doubles as a Comfort Corner for me!! It is situated on my third floor and is between a window and my Mom’s bed just that small littleContinue reading “Comfort Corners not just for Kids”

Lessons from a Dog

July 10, 2021 If there is a dog in your family, this may sound familiar, and if there’s not, please visit your local animal shelter and adopt one, but only if you’re ready to take on this big responsibility and have your life change in the best of ways; and if you’re not ready, noContinue reading “Lessons from a Dog”

Every Summer has a Story

July 9, 2021 We’ve just past the first week in July, and it suddenly dawned on me, as I was walking in the park this morning, “THIS is Summer.” THIS is the time of year that many yearn for during the frigid months of winter, and it’s here! Before we know it, July will beContinue reading “Every Summer has a Story”

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