My Summer so far…woof! It’s The Bustey


I have been having a great time, in so many dimensions (lol, Mom uses a lot of big words when she talks to me, woof!!), so, please let me describe to you my Summer fun so far:

I’ve been playing with my friend, my bestie, Jetson. We play hard (Mom says), we chew each other’s neck skin, ears, mouth, legs, we run and play ‘catch me’ and take a break for about 30 seconds – 1 minute, panting a lot a lot, and then go at each other again. Sometimes, he’ll come to my door or I’ll go to his door and bark so we can get our humans to bring us out to play. We love eating grass together, chewing on sticks together, I mean my friend Jetson on one end and I on the other end. We make our humans laugh a lot. We also give each other kisses, especially when it’s time to go our separate ways…

I’ve continued to meet new friends, especially at the park. Although, I don’t get to go into the doggie park anymore. My Mom doesn’t feel it’s safe for me. I wuv her so much…

Grandma comes with us to the park too, you should see her go with her rollator. I like to sneak up from behind and cut her off in the front. Mom reprimands me, but Grandma says, “It’s okay!” I wuv, wuv my Grandma. She was very happy when Momma finally gave her a grand-dog!!…

Did I tell you that I’ve been working; well that’s what Momma calls it. I consider it Rotti (Rotweiler) sitting, and his name is Cesar. He and I came from the same Animal Shelter. No one would adopt him, because his legs are weak and he can’t run like Rottis do. And, so my Godmother adopted him. I wuv that lady, she’s fearless!!!

I’ve been in Summer class, learning my doggie commands. I missed a few because of thunderstorms (guess what? my best friend Jetson watches my class from his window, cool huh?!)…

And, Momma has been telling me I’ve been doing great with ‘left side heel and right side heel’…made me smile from ear to ear. I love making my Momma happy...

My human cousins are coming over to hang out, at lease that’s what Mom said. On July 3rd, Mom and I carried a lot of yummy smelling burgers and chicken and hotdogs upstairs to the kitchen. And we put up a lot of Summer decorations, and have flower necklaces for everyone. I wonder when everyone is going to get here. It’s been a few days now and I don’t smell those meats and I’ve already been to my Godmother’s and back…

Mom bought a pool and has been beggin’ me to come splash in it with her, hmmm, still thinking about it, ’cause I really prefer the beach you know. Mom said she already posted a pic of me running all over the beach, so you can tell right?…

Momma bought these huge beach balls she wants me to kick around in the house with her, but truth is, “like I’m really scared of them, so I inch away when she starts kickin.”

One thing I’m having trouble with: when I go walking and see another dog, I love, love to try and play with them. So, I come to a hard stop, stare, go down on all four paws, and wait, then pounce on them when they get close, so we can play. And then I sniff them and slowly walk around to check them out, then I do flips, and bark, and stuff like that, so they can see my playing skills. But it upsets my Mom and I hear her apologizing to everyone. I think I’m doing something wrong…

There’s another thing I’ve been struggling with. Whenever we come inside from a walk, I wait for Momma to wipe my paws. She says, “Bust come here.” And she keeps repeating herself, I guess because I do not move. I’m thinking she wants me to come closer to her where she sits on a chair, because I hear her telling Grandma, that if she has to stand and bend over, her back hurts. But I do go over when she says, “BUSTEY, COME HERE NOW!!” I love to hear her melodic sweet voice when it’s louder. “Please pray for me, I’m just a dog and I’m really trying my best to be good.”

So, that’s my Summer so far!! I hope you are also creating a wonderful Summer Story too, just like Momma talked about in one of her posts. I’ll take a nap until we get home, then I’ll take another…

More to come…


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I have been a health care professional for decades and worked in hospitals all over the United States. Originally from the Caribbean. I have noticed over the years that I really enjoy creating beautiful experiences for others through oral and written feedback as well as creating events to celebrate milestones in life, as an Event Planner.

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