How do you walk like a lady


Over the years people have occasionally complemented me on my posture, saying that I walk upright, daintily, and like a lady. Hmmmm!! That sounds like a good thing. Then, I see some women walk with extra twisting of their hips and I personally do not think that is very becoming. So, I have tended to walk without twisting my hips, and probably look stiff.

Recently, while on a walk with my Mom in the park, it occurred to me that I should ask her if I walk like a lady. I figured she would tell me ‘like it is’ because at this point in her life, there’s little filter left when it comes to her observations, meaning she says it like she sees it, not considering that her words might hurt others. My sis and I blame it on that touch of Alzheimer’s, you know!

Haven’t you ever been curious to know how you walk? I’m also curious to know what my facial expressions are like when I’m speaking, especially in front of a group of people! Well, on this day, I was curious to find out if I walked like a lady!!

So, I looked around to make sure no one was looking, and then gave my best ‘lady-like walk,’ honestly, it was exaggerated, because I don’t really walk that way as I’ve mentioned before! I normally just walk. So to demonstrate to Mom, I proceeded to walk with precision, and ever so slightly swayed my little hips side to side, while simultaneously trying to move forward. Turning around, I curiously asked Mom, “How did I do? Am I walking like a lady?” She mischievously smiled, “Yes,” to which I happily replied, “Really Mom, really!”

“Okay, your turn now, you show me how you walk like a lady,” I instructed her. And this sometimes bashful little 80-year old lady proceeded to show me, please take a look:

“I have no words”

Well, this morning, as I took my long walk on the boardwalk, feeling my joints loosen and relax, I remembered the above conversation with Mom. And every few yards, I heard my self-talk, “Relax those abs Yasmin and swing those hips!!!”

And the man with the missing teeth called out to me, “good morning miss, I like your hat, have a good day, and stay beautiful.” And the elderly couple holding hands as they walked, shot me a smile, and I smiled back. And the worker in the big truck on the beach pulling the sand rake, methodically pressed the sand and erased the footprints from yesterday, making room for the many more new ones on this day. The person in the garbage truck comes out every so often to pick up a bag of garbage and swing it far into the air to land inside the truck, this time missing twice. When he finally got the bag in, I held up a thumbs up sign and he smiled.

“Relax those abs Yas, and swing those hips, relax your back muscles and rock those hips, yeah side to side, not too much, gently, remember to walk forward at the same time and swing those hips, there you go…swing those hips girl, ’cause that’s how ladies walk, swing those hips!!!!” It helped when I had nothing in my hands so I can coordinate my arm movements too. (I hope no one tries to chat with me now, because I can’t talk and swing these hips, that’s a lot of work!!)

More to come…(3rd in a Summer Series)

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I have been a health care professional for decades and worked in hospitals all over the United States. Originally from the Caribbean. I have noticed over the years that I really enjoy creating beautiful experiences for others through oral and written feedback as well as creating events to celebrate milestones in life, as an Event Planner.

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