September 26, 2021

Several years ago, I dealt with some challenges in my marriage, unfortunately, as many people do everyday when they take chances with relationships. During that time, I believed that Almighty God was directing my life and that anything was possible, including restoration. I believed in my spouse and the potential I saw for great things to occur. I believed in forgiveness and perseverance as I waited.

During this period, I received a call from close relatives informing me that my father’s mother had died (in our home country.) I still recall vividly the instant turmoil I experienced. My first thought was to take the eight hour flight immediately! After all, this was the grandmother that raised my sister, brother, and I, when with our father, we spent precious time with her during our early years; our mother was in the U.S.A., securing visas for us to join her.

Secondly, the conflicting emotion of fear (for my failing marriage) began to battle with the love for my grandmother. I longed to be surrounded by my relatives as we mourn and celebrate our matriarch’s life. Thirdly, mistrust in my marriage surfaced and defeated me. I felt that I could not leave my husband’s side at this time, that ‘things’ were too ‘delicate.’ Can you imagine, I did not go to my grandmother’s funeral!!! I was not there to grieve and hug and cry along with my relatives who I grew up with and around for the first 12 years of my life.

That, my dear readers, is my one big REGRET that I have had to live with ever since that day!!!

My marriage dissolved a few years later, which further increased my regret over the great opportunity I had missed to send off my grandmother. I needed to have taken that chance despite the fear and mistrust that had overcome me.

Are there regrets that you’ve had in your life? There are some that are probably small regrets and others that might be bigger and much more profound, right! Recently, I came across a book for any age group containing just a few pages but carried a gigantic message. It is beautifully illustrated by Mae Besom, titled, What Do You Do With A Chance? by Kobi Yamada. Mr. Yamada describes how a little courage makes all the difference in the world. He asks, “…what do you do with a chance?” And he answers for us, “You take it…because it just might be the start of something incredible.”

I have since tried to live my life with substantially more courage, when the situation calls for it, and have no regrets!

More to come…

Published by yasmin@lifewithoutmentors

I have been a health care professional for decades and worked in hospitals all over the United States. Originally from the Caribbean. I have noticed over the years that I really enjoy creating beautiful experiences for others through oral and written feedback as well as creating events to celebrate milestones in life, as an Event Planner.

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