If you earned it, OWN it


Around 9:30am, we had already finished our walk in the park, our face, neck and every body part it seemed dripping bullets of perspiration while the four of us hurriedly tried to get into our air-conditioned car.

A co-worker of mine walked past, on her way to begin her own exercise. As we greeted each other, I proudly stated that, “My sister is a marathon runner, she’s training for a marathon!” My sister quickly added “Oh, it was only a 5K I ran before,” a little embarrassed that I had called her a marathon runner.

Afterwards I told my sister, “You’re a marathon runner okay; you ran a marathon before, right, and you’re about to run another, right, well, that makes you a marathon runner. You earned the right to that title, so claim it, label it, and OWN IT!”

(my sister, during her training)

When my sister was in elementary school, she excelled at all the games her class participated in. I wish we had saved the little black heart shaped trophy she was granted one year; shortly after that, we migrated to America. Then she was traumatized from being stuck in a burning skyscraper in NYC days upon our arrival, followed with her face being attacked by teenage acne throughout high school, and she didn’t participate in sports again.

She is a television addict though of all things sports, especially soccer, football, basketball, and tennis. I suspect she lives through her son’s talents as an athlete. She also took up singing, from all of MJ’s songs to country and R&B, and she carries those tunes well!!

She likes doing regular gym exercises and often combines that with outdoor walking in our parks and our local school tracks. In recent years, she has started running (frankly speaking, it looks like a hop combined with a skip), but who am I to talk, at age 57, my sis finished her first marathon, running by herself when none of us would run with her. She has been persevering through the cold and warm temperatures in our city and is preparing for her second marathon. She a Marathon Runner!!!

I on the other hand am no runner though I value a good exercise regimen for my physical health and as a stress reliever. I am a Writer though and I am an Event Planner along with several other titles, in addition to my profession as a Nurse. How did I obtain those titles? Was I ascribed those titles? Actually, No!

I have written a lot over the years, and I’ve planned many events since my much younger years. My writings have received positive feedback from those who have read my soliloquies and I really enjoy putting my thoughts on paper, whether read by others or not. (I haven’t had many readers of my Blog yet, since I began about 2 months ago). I LOVE planning events to celebrate life’s many milestones and those events have brought a great deal of happiness to many.

So, I have a right to the titles of Writer and Event Planner! I have claimed them, labelled them, and I own them. I encourage you, my readers, to do the same.

More to come…

Published by yasmin@lifewithoutmentors

I have been a health care professional for decades and worked in hospitals all over the United States. Originally from the Caribbean. I have noticed over the years that I really enjoy creating beautiful experiences for others through oral and written feedback as well as creating events to celebrate milestones in life, as an Event Planner.

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